Sometimes I am wrong..

I would like to start with this..

Sometimes I feel like a failure. Because I cannot hold up as good as people does. Sometimes I break. I falter. I fall. Sometimes I’m angry. I grieve. I regress. Sometimes, I have bad days. Sometimes, I make mistakes. Sometimes I’m hurt but I dare not to say it. It’s like walking on eggshells. Then sometimes I nitpick on my character too much. What is it wrong that I do? How can I improve? But I’m sorry, sometimes my soul is not perfect. And I’m sorry I have to apologize for not being good enough.

I am not strong everyday. Yes I feel that I need to help others, but what if i experience burn out from my own psychological health. Sometimes the help is really just to myself. Sometimes I know that I need to heal myself.

You can’t expect people to forgive and accept you, if you don’t forgive and accept yourself. I feel enough, to feel okay, and I think that is important.

A character trait of a person with a Borderline Personality Disorder, is that we have intense feelings. Filled with insecurities in many areas of our lives in which we subconsciously blame ourselves for it. Thus it could unintentionally lead to being in a depressive state if we are not allowed to validate our own feelings and personal injustice. Yet on the other hand we crave harmony and balance and sometimes we are so attached to what was broken. Thus the greatest lesson I learn everyday is to forgive and accept yourself..

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