My experience as a participant myself

In 2014, I went to SPOL as a participant, all alone. It was as if I was walking on this earth all alone. I went to places alone.. I seeked knowledge alone.. I didn’t wait for nobody. But what’s amazing was that, I was never alone. I may be alone, but everywhere I went, people approached me and talked to me. I wasn’t alone.. Allah was with me. And because Allah was with me, I felt the warmth of the brothers and sisters of Islam. So one of my experience I had was with a sister who sat on my left, she was in her late 30s and she wore her hijab in a loose manner, you know the kind where you just flip it to the back and her hair was showing. So it intrigued me. Of course it started off as a smile and then she started talking to me. She explained to me in a delightful manner how she is still single even at that age. I was still confused so i asked her “you mean you’re divorced?”. She said no no no I just haven’t married yet. She continued explaining how she felt content and at peace despite the fact and the challenges she faced while people close to her are talking about it. Behind her words it sounded like “You know it used to be a struggle and people don’t see that, but now im just content with Allah’s love”. Behind my head was like “Masya Allah”.

After awhile when she realized she had shared a lot about herself, she then asked what am I doing right now. I told her I’m  still young and that I’m still studying. She asked what course am I taking. I said I’m studying counseling. In amazement she replied saying that no wonder I spoke as if I have the knowledge of what I’m speaking about and that I seem to be a good listener. And then  she said to me, “good, you’re still young, do what you want to do first.”

She then recommended me Maher Zain’s song titled I love you so. I then too recommended her a song, Sami Yusuf, You came to me. (Because honestly, that was my favourite song at that point) Till this day, I am reminded of how content she was, I just felt like giving her a high-5. Hey sister, hey soul, I feel you.

Thing is, when it comes to facts and details I don’t have much knowledge. I just saw the big picture and every time I am still curious and willing to learn. When people explained things with stories and words that I don’t know, I could however relate to them greatly and nod in agreement just by speaking from experiences. I think that the most important part of being a muslim is to fill yourself with love, then you will fill yourself with understanding.

Allah is the greatest source of light and love. And His beloved Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam is the perfect embodiment of light and love.

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