True Love


“To the degree to which man perfects his traits, consummates his knowledge by grasping the true nature of things. in consolidative strength by subduing syaitan, restraining his appetite and purifying himself from vices, to that extent that he draws closer to some perfection. So then, God’s love for men lies in his drawing near him and out of himself by warding off distractions and sins and in purifying his inmost nature from the spots of this world and lifting the veil from his heart until he sees Him as though he saw Him with his very heart. Man’s love for Allah lies in his incarnation to seize this absent perfection which he lacks, he yearns for what he lacks, whenever he grabs some part of it he delights therein. Love in this sense is unthinkable for Allah.”

There were people who were completely overtaken by love.

By learning to love the righteous, you can learn to love the Prophet (saw). By learning to love the Prophet (saw) that you can learn to love your Lord. That feeling dominates the heart even before we take our last breath, to long to meet righteous people in the world.

Love is the essential part of the deen. Fill yourself with love and you will fill yourself with understanding.

Imam Ghazali argues that once love for Allah and longing to meet him is deepened in the heart, it even makes death something to long for:

The heart cannot conceivably love another without also loving to see him and encounter him. If he learned that no such encounter were possible without bidding this world farewell through death, then he would turn to loving death and would not flee it. For a lover, it is no burden to travel from his homeland to the beloved’s dwelling just to gaze at him. Death is a key to the encounter; it is the entrance way to vision with one’s own eyes.

– Love, Longing, Intimacy & Contentment translation of Imam Al-Ghazali’s Book 36 of “The Revival of the Religious Sciences” (Ihya’ Ulum al-Din)

A true believer treats this life as a prison. They idolize their Lord because they know the perfection and grace He has upon him. When they find that this life is just a distraction, they lose the pleasure of it. They place nothing in their hearts only to long for death because they are ready. To meet their Lord who he has placed a special intimacy with.

When he lives, he is graceful, content, peaceful, joyful, full of love and kindness even when normatively could make a person more evil when faced with crisis.

He repents and improves at every little mistakes because not only he has Love, he also has Fear and Hope. He is dependant though, but dependant on Allah’s mercy and rahmah.

He is selfless, he is not dependant. He knows there is nothing to depend on as he knows everything is His. So he treats himself and everyone around him with care.

He treats this life as a passing journey towards paradise. Rid himself of the love of this dunya(ego) and instead embodying every ounce of his being for his akhirat(forgiveness).

Instead of dwelling in his loss, he evolves. After falling in the deepest pit of darkness, he came out with the highest level of enlightenment. He was loved because he let himself go into the mystery of what Allah has for him.

Now this, is true love.


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