Sometimes our subconscious collective mind falls into regression in order to guard ourselves. Unexplainable avoidance or withdrawal is a cause of neglected feelings. Which will then decrease motivation in action due to doubt in oneself or external factors.
Initiating communication AND being receptive, achieves greater growth. It takes two hands to clap. Or.. We could all just start losing each other out of silent misunderstanding. Do not assume the lack of feedback as negative feedback. When anger and aggression is still a driving force, at least we are still doing something about it. But the poorest form of connection is detachment. When we don’t even know how to feel. So the only best way to control our rejected self is to treat others as how they treated us, strangers, with least efforts.
Sometimes the only way to remove these bad feelings in someone towards you is to say,
“We still love you”
“We still want you”
“We still need you”
“You still belong”
“We can all be good friends”
“I believe in you”
“You are good in it”
“And you are definitely good enough for me”

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