Etiquette of seeking knowledge

Evil understood is power gained.

When seeking knowledge, it is essential to gain the barakah(divine goodness) while attaining one’s knowledge. The adaab(etiquette) that we uphold is important in bringing light into our souls. So that not only do we gain knowledge but we’ll also be given wisdom. Our niat(intentions) at the same time plays a huge role in achieving the barakah in the actions we take.

To have light in our knowledge, our hearts have to be clean with people. Ensure that there’s no envy nor division between your friends and siblings. Husnuzon(think well) towards everybody. If you don’t have a good relationship with any of your parents, make sure you make it right.

The Ulama(scholars) possesses these five characteristics;

He fears Allah so much that he avoids evil acts and persists in the remembrance of Allah. He knows that this life is temporary. Like the people of Awliya(friends of Allah), they work a little, they spend their time for knowledge and ibadah(worships) and they live a simple life. He, who dusts off his hands and know that Allah will take care of the rest, he will have enough.

He has humility, always humbling himself before Allah. He, who cries so often and whose heart is soft because of his constant tears. That tears is the cause of his great gratitude towards His Lord. And his knowing that Allah is so great in all His ways. He knows, so he believes.

He has modesty. He, who is not arrogant towards the mukminin(the righteous). Despite his high held knowledge, he still sees everyone as his equal. Instead he helps, remind and is compassionate.

He is good natured. He, who is calm, kind and gentle towards everyone. He has good etiquette towards every human being. Understanding of every human’s pain. (Evil understood is power gained)

He prefers the hereafter than the dunya(world). He, who lives his life preparing for his death. He, who does not desire recognition, doing everything for His sake.

– Ustadz Muhammad Mukhtar (referred to the ihya ulumuddin vol 1 book of knowledge)

Our hearts are sacred. I learned to believe. When it is refined, it helps the soul. It helps the intellect. Love doesn’t have to kill or destroy, it transform.

Transform one’s being in order to achieve light.

The one who is closer to Allah (swt) has love in their hearts and knowledge in their minds.



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