Are we capable of trusting others?

via Daily Prompt: Trust

Trust? What is trust?

Is trust the person you could share about your fears and insecurities to without feeling they are not being receptive of it?

Is trust knowing that when you needed something, someone will do it for you?

Is trust knowing that when you asked for someone to accompany you, they do not break their promise?

Is trust something you can control? Can you control what someone wants to do for you? Can you control if someone is really interested? Can you control the amount of attention you get?

Even if we can’t force the external factors but I think it is possible to change how we think about ourselves and others.

How we think not only affect our response but also what we subconsciously asks for.


I trust myself not to be passive. Because if I ask, the person I ask, will not reject me.

I trust myself that if I ask my lecturer for help even if I’m way behind, that he or she will help me instead of nagging at me.

I trust myself that I am cared for. That my romantic partner will meet my needs and that he/she cares.

I trust myself that I am loved, that people will love me.

I trust myself that if I be vulnerable, people will accept me and get to know me.

I trust myself that I am capable of being smart, of being able to interact about anything and everything because people will allow me to explore and learn.

I trust myself because I am capable of trusting.

I trust my soul because I am my Lord’s child. And my Lord is always there.

Hasbunallahu wa ni’maal wakeel

Allah alone is sufficient enough for me and that He is the best disposer of affairs for me.

Allah is Al-Wakeel, that He has power over everything and He controls everything. He never abandons us and leaves us to our own. Even if things doesn’t go according to our plans, He has full knowledge over everything. He provides for us. He watches over us. He is who you rely upon.



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