Transformation – counterbalancing the negativities in our soul

via Daily Prompt: Transformation


To turn into a good person with a good conduct. Healing is essential. One must turn his back towards negative companies. That is the outward pulling out. Then one must learn peaceful ways of dealing with his own nafs and ego. To learn this, one must seek and be around positive role models. After which one has to face the trials of not being a hypocrite by facing to deal with difficult people with kindness. If anger still persist, keep pulling back. To only allow positive energies to enter into your environment, is a power someone need in order to ask for. In order for one to become…………… tolerant.

Yes, tolerant.

Cause here’s the question;

Now how good, is ‘good’ really? Are the people whose values do not work for us anymore, necessarily be bad?

Are we ‘good’ just because we hold our individual spiritual journey?

Every each of us has our own spiritual journey, and in the pursuit of our spiritual calling, are we there to be intolerant of others? Maybe life has shown them different ways. Maybe if I were to look into the eyes of their being in the distance, they own the other end of the universe. A universe so different from mine, I live to not change what Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala has appointed for them. Their souls, our souls, are still alike, we came from Him and we return to Him, who ever says we are greater than them. Their belligerence, is the lack of inner peace, maybe they are struggling, how about we make dua for them instead.

Transformation is not an overnight process. Transformation is a slow, arduous sometimes ugly process. We see what we do not like in ourselves in others. Like for example, I see similar personalities of my father in myself. Without me realizing it. My father’s stable and hardworking attitude gave us three daughters luxury. I live in luxury. But do I realize that in every minute of my life? No. Until I start nagging at how much unnecessary food is being stocked up in our kitchen and start preaching about the people in Africa not even having enough food. How unconscious I am when I scrap off leftover food after food at my part time jobs then once suddenly thought of a CSR business idea with my colleague while working with him. Or moments of constantly throwing away good products at work just because the standards must be kept. Or maybe the opposite; Keeping old things, just so we don’t have to waste money buying something new. Believe me not, I once washed a kettle full of maggots just because the company does not want to make any loss. Of course my eye roll and sneering made me realize how cheapskate they were. Only to forget that at home, my sister frustratingly calls me “Hajjah Bakhiliah” at times, a 90s malay movie character of a miserly person.

Of course, this is just the material examples of the many that I struggle with.

What I am trying to say here is, the problems of the outside world, is the existence of your inner being. Like how they say, we only see beauty, if it is the eyes that see beauty is the one that is beautiful.  So how do we counter the flaws that made our eyes not see the beauty of this world?



Our soul darkens when its negative attributes are out of balance and as a result the heart becomes incapable of loving God. Until we learn to feed our souls with the opposite of our flaws, we are able to counterbalance the balancing scale that is in us. We could then reach our healthy state. For example, stinginess is cured when it is more pleasurable for one to give money than to keep it. Moderation is the path to good character. Such was Imam Al Ghazali’s advice on disciplining the soul.

Alhamdulillah for Shaykh Mahy Cisse.

There’s nothing more I can say. His spiritual wealth not only made him a great humanitarian but also a generous being showing solidarity in his charity. In God he trust.

And in God I trust, to be vulnerable. So that I am generous in my capability to love unconditionally.


(may Allah forgive me for my state, or if I have said anything wrong)




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