Sacred Path of Love 2016


Sacred Path of Love is an annual end of year 2 days talk in Singapore organised by Sout Ilaahi.

The reason why I want to share this with everyone is because I’ve seen the genuineness of their events and how it has changed so many people’s life including mine. From Muslims to even non-Muslims. I’ve attended many different talks from many different organisations and nothing beats the real and in depth content you can find in Sout Ilaahi’s events. At Sout ilaahi, I’ve seen faces without arrogance but shyness. I see tears and embarrassment behind those eyes who are trying to avoid their gazes. I see souls who are vulnerable. I see souls who are content and smiling and nodding to every word the scholars says. I’ve even conversed personally with spinsters and many others who are deeply hurt but yet truly strong individuals. I’ve seen tears in the audience during their heartfelt closing duas. I’ve seen speakers who cried on the stage themselves. I see humbleness, and I see adaab and modesty in the environment.

The absence of manipulation in the selling process, made it clear that only those who Allah wills to attend, will attend. If Allah wills it to happen, it will happen. Surprisingly, this has already been the 7th year! Alhamdulillah!

Maybe, just maybe because of all these, every time I attend any of Sout Ilaahi’s event, I feel the presence of light in it. The barakah you will get just sitting in their events is tremendous. You will just feel that it is so blessed because they depend on nothing except Allah.

Knowledge of the soul, and knowledge of Allah ﷻ and the prophet Muhammad ﷺ is so holistic.

People with businesses, will benefit.

Couples who are married, will benefit.

Couples who are intending to marry, will benefit.

Singles with goals, will benefit.

Students who are struggling, will benefit.

Repenters, will benefit.

Seekers, will benefit.

Sinners, will benefit.

The oppressed, will benefit.

The heartbroken, will benefit.

Parents, will benefit.

Anyone and everyone, will benefit.

As what Imam Abdoulaye Ndaw, one of the speaker for this year’s event, has said,

“The spiritual message of Islam is about filling our innermost being with the Knowledge of Allah, to the extent that we witness Him in our lives and we gain awareness that indeed He is with us wherever we may be.”

It’s so easy to have the time and money for movies, lunch, dinner dates, karaoke sesh, cafe hoppings, travels, pure enjoyments and temporary relief of this dunya. But no one wants to face their own spiritual state that will truly help their inner being and bring them closer to Allah ﷻ . My investment of my time and money in such knowledge and environment gain me transformation and enlightenment in the affairs of this life.

So before I retreat, I can’t help but to not miss this opportunity to share about this event since it’s coming up!

It is the best opportunity that has been sent for me. And I hope that it will be for you too.

Check out Sacred Path of Love‘s page on Facebook!


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