Die before you die

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Everyone wants to be a hero but nobody wants to be a slave. Unlearn what you have learned and submit, to your brokenness..

“Die as you are so that you can become that which you really are

Die to the ego so that the divine can be born in you

Die to the past so that you become open to the future

Die to the known so the unknown can penetrate in you

Die to the mind so the heart can start throbbing again, so that you can rediscover your own heart which you have lost completely.”

– OSHO, Journey to the heart

The other day I find myself telling my muqaddam that a companion for me is someone who has the strength to grow spiritually, losing the lower desires and not being afraid. I guess I find myself saying those words because I take it upon myself. When we live in our ego we experience fear. That fear is so excruciating it affects our mental. Our mental state affects our actions and our actions can be ugly. The mind is from our heart thus the saying we think with our heart. The heart can choose to be at peace if we give up control but so often we are so afraid because it seems counterintuitive. The emotional catharsis that we choose to avoid, the brokenness we do not want to face, the purity we do not seek, is the same technique in reinforcing fear. We are definitely more than our physical realms, we are our souls and our souls are able to fight against many things. May Allah help us!

This reminds me of what has been said that “The person who is in loss is the person who were given the chance to repent, did not repent.”

May we die before we die. Before we die drowning in this life.

For surely, this life’s characteristic was made to be hard. And we humans, were created to be weak. But Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear. And in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.


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