Islamic view of a twin flame union

Inspired by the concept of twin flames. I dedicate this amateur writing of mine for the soul that is in all of us, in our deepest essence. 🙂

For some reason, this concept of twin flame caught my attention because somehow I could relate to it. So for those of you who do not know what a twin flame is all about, I’ll explain to you shortly in correlation to the Islamic spiritual view Insya Allah.

Twin flame is a belief that two souls, having a spiritual connection, only reunite in this life for a higher purpose. “It is He who created you from a single soul and likewise his mate of like nature, in order that he might dwell with her (in love)” (Surah al-A’raf 7:189). Marrying purely for the sake of Allah. Meaning, all the lower desires of the twins in coming together will be purified. Their coming together is of their higher selves. If any one of the twin is co-dependent to the other twin, it will not work, as the main idea is that these twins has to be whole on its own. The relationship cannot be an ego-based relationship, and there will be circumstances that teaches the twins unconditional love to one another and to the whole universe. Reminded me of what sidi muqaddam said “It is still your ego that fears. It is still your ego that says he or she must be like this like this like this.” The twin’s meeting will be immediate and intense, familiar and complete. They mirror you and they bring out the parts of you that needs complete healing. They basically introduce you to your true Self, your fears, your insecurities, your weaknesses, in order to face them. The prophet ﷺ said, “He who knows himself, knows God” They are often in synchronicity with you; like bumping into them so often, finishing one another’s sentences, recognizing each other’s inner states and experiencing the same occurrence of events at the same time. The higher purpose of reuniting prepares you two for some major contributions to the world or some form of service to humanity. Just like Shaykh Mendes advice us that it is important to find someone whom you intend to marry, with a similar himmah (spiritual aspiration) as yours. Because the reunion of the twin flame is so sacred, it is not solely for enjoyments, procreation, nor desires but instead they are brought together for a personal growth that brings two souls even more closer to the Divine. If there is a physical separation, either forced or taking the time out, then both partake in their individual journey towards becoming conscious of their own Self and soul evolvement. Doing your own inner work and reconnecting with your own inner selves during this period. Each soul consisted of a male and female counterpart, and each half will find balance in their masculine and feminine, yin-yang before reunion, which will later form a perfect union of light. Jamal is Beauty. Jalal is Majesty. Allah is both Jamal and Jalal. Jamal and Jalal together becomes Kamal. Kamal is perfection.

Due to the acceleration of people getting spiritually evolved, hence the concept of twin flame starts appearing.


““Whoever marries among you, has completed half of their deen”, he said salallahu alaihi wasallam. It’s not just the nikah ceremony that makes it half of your deen, it’s the experience of marriage. So, have taqwa of Allah, be conscious of Allah in the other half. Marriage allows you to experience situations that takes you beyond your comfort zone. Not only with your spouse, but with your in laws and your neighbours, cause you don’t just marry an individual, you will find out after a few years, you marry a family. The second stage of a marriage, after the honeymoon period, you’re going to feel the pain of that marriage and Allah ta ‘alla gives you that so that you can try to balance the understanding of the kind of human being that your spouse is. So that you can learn certain virtues, qualities, akhlaq an nabawiyah, perfected qualities, that were expressed by prophet Muhammad salallahu alaihi wasallam in their marriage. If your spouse is perfect and has no faults, how would you learn what rahmah really is. How would you learn what mawaddah really is. How would you learn what sabr truly is.”

-Shaykh Adeyinka Mendes, Union of souls 2016

Love, is not I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine. When two souls are a whole on its own with or without support from the creations and chooses to submit to God the insecurities and brokenness that they have, it is not lonely, it is not empty, it is on its own filled with the Divine love.

The other day, I entered one of Your house, and I saw Your majestic beauty. It is as if calling onto me, to come back from the pain of neglect, the cold shoulders, and to Your warm embrace of Al-Wadud. At that moment I wanted to move on, I want to move on from the shallow concerns of what a marriage should be, in all honesty.

Despite this brokenness, I want to try my best, to embody Your trait, Al-Wadud, Al-Kareem and make me desire what You desire.

Oh and cool, my mum just went into my room and asked for a hug. Alhamdulillah.

‘If you want to take precedence over those who are close to God, then be reconciled with those who broke with you, give to the ones who excluded you, and forgive the ones who wronged you’

– the Messenger salallahu alaihi wasallam


4 thoughts on “Islamic view of a twin flame union

  1. The world muslim represents everyone who follows the One Allah. Do christians not follow Allah? Please don’t allow ignorant men or women wearing the uniform of the clergy to dissuade you from following the principle of Tauhid. Allah is One, Allah’s creation is therefore One because everything comes from Allah. And everything will return to Allah. If this is the case, then where is “i” vs. “he” vs. “we” vs. “them”. We are all One. If you find your twin flame, take the leap of faith. It is purely magical! And painful too!


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