For unlike you I can swim and swim I shall

I would give an ocean to anyone who will share with me their stories. I want vulnerability. Tell me about your life. Tell me what happened in your quarter or mid life crisis. Tell me what hurts you. Tell me your pain. Tell me who you love. Tell me what you love. Tell me your sorrows. Tell me about your mum. Tell me about your dad. Tell me what you feel sorry for. Tell me what you’re grateful for. Tell me your remorse. Just tell me how you’re feeling. And I want the truth. Tell me your wish. Tell me what you long for. Tell me who you miss. And tell me what you miss. Tell me what you suppressed. Tell me. Because you’re not telling me. Tell me what was left undone. Tell me how it still bothers you. You’re not being vulnerable, and I know that hurts you. Tell me who you wish to reconcile with and tell me what you wish to try again.

Don’t keep it to yourself. Tell me. Tell me Sharifah, tell me. I wanna have deep life conversations with you. So that we could move on.

– God to me.

Tell me, what are you mad about me

– me to God

But I know God Your mercy prevails. So tell me that I’ve forgotten. Tell me I am deluded, focused on the crescent moon when the sun is Bigger and Brighter. Tell me they’re up to no good. Tell me You’re my knight in shining armor. Tell me I’m better off with You. Tell me I’m Your Lover.

Don’t be afraid of death, nor be afraid of your sustenance. As death is in every second that passes, and sustenance is in His glory. Don’t be greedy as those are the people who have a want in this world. Don’t be distracted by the distractions which are all just temporary. Be with those who belong in the Oneness of God. Be of those who forgive when time is due. Be of those who lights up his own heart in gratitude. Be of those like the saints who angels prefers them. Be like time and space, in mid air, floating in dhikr.

Be, and you’ll be.

“If the absence of the Shaykh doesn’t benefit you, neither will the presence of the Shaykh too.”
[Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse]

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