Alexithymia part 1

Sometimes we believe that being patient and subtle won’t work when it comes to facing people or doing da’wah. We have to know that da’wah doesn’t necessarily mean our spoken words but also our character. How we deal with our families, how we deal with our friends, how we deal with our acquaintances, our colleagues, how we deal with our neighbours, everyone. It’s often when we face our inner wounded child ourselves then we would know how affective certain character is to us. And how our character would be affective to certain people that we have to deal with ourselves. Rumi says God turns you from one feeling to another and teaches by means of opposite, so that you will have two wings to fly, not one.

When we’re at our worst or at our best, God teaches us the opposites. Thus we would rely on Him.

Allah has placed the world beneath your feet, why then do you carry it onto your back? The sea didn’t claim the life of baby Musa despite him being thrown inside when he was at his weakest, whereas the very same sea claimed the life of the Pharaoh despite him crossing it when he was at his strongest. Whoever is with Allah, his weakness will not harm him, and whoever is distant from Allah, his strength will not benefit him. Expecting the best from Allah is a secret ingredient to happiness.

so.. “what then is your thought about the Lord of the worlds?”

The Prophet ﷺ said, “Nobody attains true faith until they love for their brothers what they love for themselves”

The above hadith usually speaks of the physical form of wanting for others what we would like for ourselves. Like if we wish to have our favourite possessions but we give them to others who wants it, it is better. But I believe there is also an internal understanding of this hadith. Even if it means you have to sit at home with your family, or be with a friend who is in need of an emotional support and miss certain social or religious gatherings you’d rather be at, with patience in character, selflessness and understanding, there’s da’wah.

Allah is endless with His bounties. Say if your husband is pleased with you, he being pleased with you holds your key to Jannah. Wasn’t Asiya pharaoh’s wife and yet she was one of the best women of paradise. Her struggles was her light and eventually was her return to God.

“Don’t think that in whatever you do you are devoid of Allah. You dealing with people, your work to pay the bills, anything. The struggles that you are facing in this dunya can be the same as you returning to God. If you see Allah in it, you will always be with Allah.” – Sidi Muqaddam

Now that’s what you call to lose yourself in the service of others.


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