Relationships in Sufism 


“The ethical rules of the Sufi in his relationship with others include: When a person seeks him he accepts him; when a person is away from him he does not forget about him; when a person associates with him he shapes his conduct; and when a person refuses to associate with him he will not force him to be his companion.”
 – Futayma, wife of Abu Salih Hamdun ibn Ahmad b. ‘Ammara al-Qassar {ninth century}, who introduced the malamatiyya order to Nishapur, attained a high rank in her spiritual state and was very highly regarded as one of the Sufi woman

I’ve always admired the independent soul, who doesn’t limit him or herself to this dunya (relations, possessions), instead with her heart empty she goes around and seek and seek and seek, and with her heart full, she goes around and give and give and give 


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