Path of Shukrulillah

When people ask how are you? They meant to ask about your soul. The question is really, how is the state of your soul right now?

A lot of people asked me, and I can’t help but to reply “down”.

Because what’s more worrying than the state of our souls.

“Pray for me”, greatly appreciate a dua instead.

7 different mistakes, doesn’t seem to be a good thing especially in this holy month of Ramadan.

And I can’t tell if I placed my standards high for a weak soul like mine.

But in all due, even having passing through this 7 doings, it’s important to be in a state of gratitude for every each of it.


Not because of the bad. But because the bad makes you see that the good comes from Him.

Let the awareness of our faults be a veil from our stations but not a veil from Allah and the need of Him.

This is the path of shukrulillah. Path of gratitude.


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