Women Who Are Men and Abuse


Are men afraid of strong women? And do women really see themselves as worthless? Or are men who are afraid of independent thinking women, learn to successfully manipulate these women into seeing themselves as powerless?

If I am here, shower you with attention, this is your worth, and if I am not here, cold and defiant, this is how little your worth. So women who are unconscious victims learn to rely on unhealthy patterns.

A human, capable of loving, empowers, enables and gives without the need of receiving and control. One only a sound heart is capable of being.

Why do aggressive men cower and get defensive when they hear about feminism? Even though the agenda of a true feminist isn’t to overpower or dominate men but to have equal rights. Why must we be men when the role of a male and a female were created to be different in it’s own beauty and purpose. Are these men guilty that women will treat men how men have treated women?

However, are these men to be blamed? Do these men perhaps have some deep seated fear in their unconscious that reacts emotionally and sometimes physically to perceived upcoming danger. Are they angry perhaps at another person not you?

Are these men then afraid of hearing the truth? The truth that they can’t seek it elsewhere but within. That they are weak themselves. That when women seek to have their time away and a mind of their own, they start belittling them, rejecting them and sometimes act on them because of their own insecurities. And then abuses the situation by threatening an affair. Are they real man?

Or do they just seek relationships to feed their egos.

Now how do some ladies talk about incest without shame? Are they so passionately attached to the familial, they don’t see it as wrong?

A spiritual rebirth one experiences when one has learned how to love without attaching to their ideals. Aren’t these ideals egocentric?

A cry for help, these women make, when they are just asking to be authentic, capable and yet be loved gently and unconditionally. Abusers places power in wrong places. Healers places power in right circumstances.

To the strong, independent woman who is learning to love their troubled man, and to the strong, independent man who is learning to love their troubled woman, and to the troubled man and woman projecting their fears to everybody,

Learn to love yourself.

Part 1


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