Fanaa and a Sacred Reunion


Fear, an obstacle to the Truth, preventing one from experiencing love for all living things. It is fear that prevents us from embracing man as the manifestation of God that he is. Rather than seeing a man as a potential threat, we should rejoice in our common source – God.

Hafiz’s poem ‘Your Mother and My Mother’ shows how fear prevents us from reaching to a state of Love. He shows a man by saying;

Fear is the cheapest room in the house

I would like to see you living

In better conditions,

For your mother and my mother

Were friends

In the second part, as a teacher, he then leads the man to God;

I know the Innkeeper

In this part of the universe.

Get some rest tonight,

Come to my verse again tomorrow.

We’ll go and speak to the Friend together.

Hafiz then asks the man to rely on God;

I should not make any promises right now,

But I know if you


Somewhere in this world

Something good will happen.

And rejoice in loving all that He have created;

God wants to see

More love and playfulness in our eyes

For that is your greatest witness to Him

And finally, he make known to the man the essence of the Beloved and the harmony it brings;

Your soul and my soul

Once sat together in the Beloved’s womb

Playing footsie.

Your heart and my heart

Are very, very old


In another of his poem he says,


Did the rose

Ever open its heart

And give to this world

All its


It felt the encouragement of light

Against its Being,


We all remain



Having spoken the same language, I am in awe of how profound and spiritual his poems are. Only when the ego has dissolved, can one reunite with what it is afraid of, with the presence of Love. Like how the physical body needs water, our souls recognizes its place of growth. It recognizes true companions, the one who draws us naked, flawed, frightened. Yet gives us good counsel, speaks to us with the gentle truth and directs us to Allah. One we call soul mates. Otherwise, one without the reality of the Beloved, would not have a sacred reunion.

“What unites us is bigger than what divides us. And if you claim that you love your shaykh but you don’t love his murid, that love is not complete.”

– Shaykh Mahy Cisse

As the saying goes, although as pathetic our states are, still “You will be with those whom you love”

Go. Keep going. Keep presenting. Until again the world is in your hands and not in your heart.


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