They say I am an ENFP (Extrovert Intuition Feeling Perceiving). I was once unhealthy, and I was behaving alike to a Borderline. When I am above it all, I am spiritual. Alhamdulillah (all praises is be to Allah).

I am on my journey of discovering myself. I live in my reflective world and think that self-discovery helps to heal and understand myself. Studied counselling as a diploma, but really I learn more from breakthroughs. I am constantly studying myself and the people around me. I am constantly studying from stories and the feelings of others, while being His humble servant.

My ideas on this blog are based on personal experiences, keen observations and self analysis. Imbuing spirituality with social nurturance, I am intending to use this blog to share a little of what I know to benefit any souls, Insya Allah. Be it on Mental health, Psychological health, and Spiritual matters in an Islamic or non-Islamic view.

If you are able to relate or find it helpful in any circumstances, feel free to connect with me!


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