A Woman’s Wealth and Duty in Her Home and Community

Whenever I hear of the wealthy and rich giving in charity, I rejoice. [ Sayyidatina Khadijah al-Kubra r.a. ] Whenever I hear of the poor giving in charity, I weep more in joy. [ Sayyidatina ‘Aisha as-Siddiqa r.a. ] When Sayyidatina Khadijah r.a. inherited her wealth, she gave it up for the way of Islam … Continue reading A Woman’s Wealth and Duty in Her Home and Community


Path of Shukrulillah

When people ask how are you? They meant to ask about your soul. The question is really, how is the state of your soul right now? A lot of people asked me, and I can't help but to reply "down". Because what's more worrying than the state of our souls. "Pray for me", greatly appreciate … Continue reading Path of Shukrulillah

Were we mere blank slates?

In a tale of human progress and a defence of progress, people learn from their parents and their parents' parents, and who, after trials and tribulations, wind up committed to each other. Unrecognizing that our life is a story of fellowship. Because when you look deeper into the unconscious, the separations between individuals begin to … Continue reading Were we mere blank slates?

The art of Jihad – Internal War

"Every criminal, miser, abuser, scoffer, embezzler, and hateful person does what he or she does because of a diseased heart. If hearts were sound, these actions would no longer be a reality. So if we want to change our world, we do not begin by rectifying the outward. Instead, we must change the condition of … Continue reading The art of Jihad – Internal War

Non-linear thinking and its spirituality

A 'ba' is not a 'dza', a non-linear thinker is not a linear thinker. Here’s a quick quiz I've gotten from a website to determine your thinking style. Imagine yourself facing a challenge. Does column one or column two feel like the best way to proceed? Column One                     … Continue reading Non-linear thinking and its spirituality

Purpose of place: finding Allah through life’s mission

Really love the approach of Shaykh Muhammad Adeyinka Mendes when it comes to spirituality. Imbuing spirituality with social issues, which I find personally relatable when it comes to the teaching or therapeutic line like counselling or psychology. It was a privilege to have him here all the way from the US and to remind us … Continue reading Purpose of place: finding Allah through life’s mission