Love of True Passion

“The noblest sort, of Love is that which exists between persons who love each other in God either because of an identical zeal for the righteous work upon which they are engaged, or as the result of a harmony in beliefs and principles, or by virtue of a common possession of some noble knowledge. Next to this is the love, which springs from kinship; then the love of familiarity and the sharing of identical aims; the love of comradeship and acquaintance; the love, which is rooted in a benevolent regard for one’s fellow; the love that results from coveting the loved one’s worldly elevation; the love that is based upon a shared secret which both must conceal; love for the sake of getting enjoyment and satisfying desire; and passionate love, that has no other cause but that union of souls to which we have referred above.


All these varieties of Love come to an end when their causes disappear and increase or diminish with them; they are intensified according to the degree of their proximity, and grow languid as their causes draw further and further away. The only exception is the Love of true passion, which has the mastery of the soul: this is the love, which passes not away save with death.


… All this proves that true Love is a spiritual approbation, a fusion of souls.


[A]s for what causes Love in most cases to choose a beautiful form to light upon, it is evident that the soul itself being beautiful, it is affected by all beautiful things, and has a yearning for perfect symmetrical images whenever it sees any such image, it fixes itself upon it; then, if it discerns behind that image something of its own kind, it becomes united and true love is established… Indeed, physical forms have a wonderful faculty of drawing together the scattered parts of men’s souls.”

– Imam ibn Hazm al Zahiri al Andalusi rahimahuLlah, Tawq al Hamama

Shared by a Shadilli Darqawi brother, revered by many, understood by few, all sufis at heart. Subhanallah.

[photo of Shaykh Muhammadou Mahy Cisse at my home, the one who taught me about true love and elimination of falsehood in hearts]

Sacred Path of Love 2016


Sacred Path of Love is an annual end of year 2 days talk in Singapore organised by Sout Ilaahi.

The reason why I want to share this with everyone is because I’ve seen the genuineness of their events and how it has changed so many people’s life including mine. From Muslims to even non-Muslims. I’ve attended many different talks from many different organisations and nothing beats the real and in depth content you can find in Sout Ilaahi’s events. At Sout ilaahi, I’ve seen faces without arrogance but shyness. I see tears and embarrassment behind those eyes who are trying to avoid their gazes. I see souls who are vulnerable. I see souls who are content and smiling and nodding to every word the scholars says. I’ve even conversed personally with spinsters and many others who are deeply hurt but yet truly strong individuals. I’ve seen tears in the audience during their heartfelt closing duas. I’ve seen speakers who cried on the stage themselves. I see humbleness, and I see adaab and modesty in the environment.

The absence of manipulation in the selling process, made it clear that only those who Allah wills to attend, will attend. If Allah wills it to happen, it will happen. Surprisingly, this has already been the 7th year! Alhamdulillah!

Maybe, just maybe because of all these, every time I attend any of Sout Ilaahi’s event, I feel the presence of light in it. The barakah you will get just sitting in their events is tremendous. You will just feel that it is so blessed because they depend on nothing except Allah.

Knowledge of the soul, and knowledge of Allah ﷻ and the prophet Muhammad ﷺ is so holistic.

People with businesses, will benefit.

Couples who are married, will benefit.

Couples who are intending to marry, will benefit.

Singles with goals, will benefit.

Students who are struggling, will benefit.

Repenters, will benefit.

Seekers, will benefit.

Sinners, will benefit.

The oppressed, will benefit.

The heartbroken, will benefit.

Parents, will benefit.

Anyone and everyone, will benefit.

As what Imam Abdoulaye Ndaw, one of the speaker for this year’s event, has said,

“The spiritual message of Islam is about filling our innermost being with the Knowledge of Allah, to the extent that we witness Him in our lives and we gain awareness that indeed He is with us wherever we may be.”

It’s so easy to have the time and money for movies, lunch, dinner dates, karaoke sesh, cafe hoppings, travels, pure enjoyments and temporary relief of this dunya. But no one wants to face their own spiritual state that will truly help their inner being and bring them closer to Allah ﷻ . My investment of my time and money in such knowledge and environment gain me transformation and enlightenment in the affairs of this life.

So before I retreat, I can’t help but to not miss this opportunity to share about this event since it’s coming up!

It is the best opportunity that has been sent for me. And I hope that it will be for you too.

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Reliever of anxiety and doubt

Sometimes as a friend we get so used to asking our friends “What’s wrong..?” “Come talk to me..” whenever they have a problem. And we’ll realize that sometimes the more they speak of their problems the more agitated it can get for them. How comforting it is rather, to someone who doesn’t hear much of a careless solution but a sincere listening ear and a reminder of certainty that Allah ﷻ will help them in all their affairs. We do not have the authority, neither do we, weak souls, take in full responsibility upon others.

We need a fine balance in both. Just like Shaykh Abdul Aziz Fredrerick says, Both (tafakur) and having someone to talk to, co-reflect, giving and receiving sincere nasiha. The Prophet ﷺ said, “This religion is sincere advice.” We said “To whom?” He ﷺ said, “To Allah, His book, His messenger, and to the leaders of the Muslims and the common folks.” And that it is very important to have a sahabah (sincere company) and to not shun off everyone every time.

“Being alone is better than bad company and good company is better than being alone. To say something good is better than remaining silent but remaining silent is far better than saying something evil.” (Hadith, Bayhaqi)

But we also need to have a little distance to place everything in perspective and to have (Ilm al-yaqin), knowledge of certainty. “If they knew with the knowledge of certainty, …. then you will surely see it with the eye of certainty.” (Qur’an, 102:6) And that sometimes when too much information destroys our mind that it can bring us doubt, then we need to fill ourselves with knowledge. The search of certainty is actually the search of a healthy heart. That “None of you will come to Allah ﷻ in a state of happiness unless if it is in a state of salim (whole and healthy).”

“Give up what is doubtful to you for that which is not doubtful; for truth is peace of mind and falsehood is doubt”. (Hadith, Tirmidhi)

You don’t love someone enough if you don’t make dua for them. Insya Allah with this, we are able to help ourselves and each other better. Do yourself a favour, seek knowledge. May we be among those who knows the truthful.

True Love


“To the degree to which man perfects his traits, consummates his knowledge by grasping the true nature of things. in consolidative strength by subduing syaitan, restraining his appetite and purifying himself from vices, to that extent that he draws closer to some perfection. So then, God’s love for men lies in his drawing near him and out of himself by warding off distractions and sins and in purifying his inmost nature from the spots of this world and lifting the veil from his heart until he sees Him as though he saw Him with his very heart. Man’s love for Allah lies in his incarnation to seize this absent perfection which he lacks, he yearns for what he lacks, whenever he grabs some part of it he delights therein. Love in this sense is unthinkable for Allah.”

There were people who were completely overtaken by love.

By learning to love the righteous, you can learn to love the Prophet (saw). By learning to love the Prophet (saw) that you can learn to love your Lord. That feeling dominates the heart even before we take our last breath, to long to meet righteous people in the world.

Love is the essential part of the deen. Fill yourself with love and you will fill yourself with understanding.

Imam Ghazali argues that once love for Allah and longing to meet him is deepened in the heart, it even makes death something to long for:

The heart cannot conceivably love another without also loving to see him and encounter him. If he learned that no such encounter were possible without bidding this world farewell through death, then he would turn to loving death and would not flee it. For a lover, it is no burden to travel from his homeland to the beloved’s dwelling just to gaze at him. Death is a key to the encounter; it is the entrance way to vision with one’s own eyes.

– Love, Longing, Intimacy & Contentment translation of Imam Al-Ghazali’s Book 36 of “The Revival of the Religious Sciences” (Ihya’ Ulum al-Din)

A true believer treats this life as a prison. They idolize their Lord because they know the perfection and grace He has upon him. When they find that this life is just a distraction, they lose the pleasure of it. They place nothing in their hearts only to long for death because they are ready. To meet their Lord who he has placed a special intimacy with.

When he lives, he is graceful, content, peaceful, joyful, full of love and kindness even when normatively could make a person more evil when faced with crisis.

He repents and improves at every little mistakes because not only he has Love, he also has Fear and Hope. He is dependant though, but dependant on Allah’s mercy and rahmah.

He is selfless, he is not dependant. He knows there is nothing to depend on as he knows everything is His. So he treats himself and everyone around him with care.

He treats this life as a passing journey towards paradise. Rid himself of the love of this dunya(ego) and instead embodying every ounce of his being for his akhirat(forgiveness).

Instead of dwelling in his loss, he evolves. After falling in the deepest pit of darkness, he came out with the highest level of enlightenment. He was loved because he let himself go into the mystery of what Allah has for him.

Now this, is true love.

My experience as a participant myself

In 2014, I went to SPOL as a participant, all alone. It was as if I was walking on this earth all alone. I went to places alone.. I seeked knowledge alone.. I didn’t wait for nobody. But what’s amazing was that, I was never alone. I may be alone, but everywhere I went, people approached me and talked to me. I wasn’t alone.. Allah was with me. And because Allah was with me, I felt the warmth of the brothers and sisters of Islam. So one of my experience I had was with a sister who sat on my left, she was in her late 30s and she wore her hijab in a loose manner, you know the kind where you just flip it to the back and her hair was showing. So it intrigued me. Of course it started off as a smile and then she started talking to me. She explained to me in a delightful manner how she is still single even at that age. I was still confused so i asked her “you mean you’re divorced?”. She said no no no I just haven’t married yet. She continued explaining how she felt content and at peace despite the fact and the challenges she faced while people close to her are talking about it. Behind her words it sounded like “You know it used to be a struggle and people don’t see that, but now im just content with Allah’s love”. Behind my head was like “Masya Allah”.

After awhile when she realized she had shared a lot about herself, she then asked what am I doing right now. I told her I’m  still young and that I’m still studying. She asked what course am I taking. I said I’m studying counseling. In amazement she replied saying that no wonder I spoke as if I have the knowledge of what I’m speaking about and that I seem to be a good listener. And then  she said to me, “good, you’re still young, do what you want to do first.”

She then recommended me Maher Zain’s song titled I love you so. I then too recommended her a song, Sami Yusuf, You came to me. (Because honestly, that was my favourite song at that point) Till this day, I am reminded of how content she was, I just felt like giving her a high-5. Hey sister, hey soul, I feel you.

Thing is, when it comes to facts and details I don’t have much knowledge. I just saw the big picture and every time I am still curious and willing to learn. When people explained things with stories and words that I don’t know, I could however relate to them greatly and nod in agreement just by speaking from experiences. I think that the most important part of being a muslim is to fill yourself with love, then you will fill yourself with understanding.

Allah is the greatest source of light and love. And His beloved Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam is the perfect embodiment of light and love.

To register for Sacred Path of Love event this Dec 26-27, go to to know more!

Sacred Path of Love 2015


Alhamdulillah, we’re happy to announce that the annual Sacred Path of Love will be back for the 6th year! Mark the dates – 26 & 27 Dec 2015!

This spiritual retreat has been unique in its ability to attract people from all walks of lives and changing their lives for the better. We’ve had participants from Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand and Australia. It has attracted from students and professionals to those from the streets, ex-prisoners and even non-Muslims. We remember the unwed mother who attended in 2012 and is now an entrepreneur living in Australia, a drug pusher who attended in 2011 and is now seriously studying traditional Islamic sciences, the non-Muslim who converted in 2013, and many more.

With a wide range of topics which addresses many of the challenges we face today, this annual event is not to be missed. This year, we will be focusing on how spirituality helps in overcoming the various diseases of the heart – anger, anxiety, stress and more.

We are honoured to have 3 distinguished speakers this year. Our beloved teacher, Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed who has years of experience in helping people of various backgrounds, Dr Omar Mahmood, who is a psychologist with traditional Islamic education, and Ustaz Amin Yusof, our respected teacher who studied in Rubat.

To register, go to

For Bank Transfer, email

Tickets are also available at Wardah Books, Arab Street.

To know oneself is to know Allah

“The lesson you’re taught is that the story ends at the wedding, and then that’s when Jannah (paradise) begins. That’s when you’ll be saved and completed and everything that was once broken will be fixed. The only problem is, that’s not where the story ends. That’s where it begins. That’s where the building starts: the building of a life, the building of your character, the building of sabr, patience, perseverance, and sacrifice. The building of selflessness. The building of love.And the building of your path back to Him.
However if the person you marry becomes your ultimate focus in life, your struggle has just begun. Now your spouse will become your greatest test. Until you remove that person from the place in your heart that only God should be, it will keep hurting. Ironically, your spouse will become the tool for this painful extraction process, until you learn that there are places in the human heart made only by— and for—God.”
– Yasmin Mogahed

Sometimes we also think that dating or talking to someone before marriage lets us know the person we’re intending to marry. But what we see is never the real thing. We are then so invested in our emotions that we are unable to be rational. We get so attached, and then fall into false certainty. We think that marriage brings barakah after years of knowing someone and engaging with them in the wrong way. But we also do not know that engaging in what wasn’t permissible before brings harm into our marriage after, unless, we make taubah. And making taubah, is by truly detaching yourself from everything and to sincerely seek for forgiveness for you know that you have already done something the wrong way and this time you would want to approach it in the right way.

The building of selflessness in marriage, is often mistaken as delusion. It is not. We are given the right to think of our wellbeing (thinking rationally). Whether we are compatible, whether it is healthy, whether it brings us closer to Allah not further.

But sometimes we attach our hearts to many things, because we lack self-esteem.

“When you chase after people to fill the emptiness inside of you. And you depend on people to tell you your self worth. Then saying I love you. In fact actually mean I love me.”

Depend only on Allah to fill the loneliness, to fill the emptiness. Because Allah says that every good deed you do. You do with ikhlas. Because you don’t give to get in return. Instead you give and give. And even though how much you don’t feel appreciated by people, sabr, because true eeman, is believing that every good deed is for Allah’s sake. And with that patience, Allah will then say. “I will reward the good with good. And the bad with bad. So need not to worry. Because I am all watching.”

The building of ‘selflessness’, is actually ‘purely for the sake of Allah’.
One of the many examples would be commitment. How many stories are out there where the reason for divorce is people falling out of love with the same reason they fall in with. Even in the Quran, it says love, is commitment. If you claim to love Allah, you commit to your Solat.. You commit to His commands.. Just like wanting to have a good change.. You commit to your path.. Your jihad.. Your hijrah.. You commit, then it will become successful.
“Men should realise that by giving a divorce they are ruining a woman’s life. Learn to tolerate.. This is the best of sadaqahs..”
Of course we also can’t put away the idea of Qadr. Thus, it goes back to the point where you, servants of Allah, have placed it in your heart rather than in your hand.

If it has veiled me from remembering my Lord, what good is it to me.
Everything I have is not mine, I’m just managing His assets.

But the idea of becoming empowered by giving up control seems so counterintuitive that we’re often unwilling to try it.

Can we take a moment to know ourselves first?