Love of True Passion

"The noblest sort, of Love is that which exists between persons who love each other in God either because of an identical zeal for the righteous work upon which they are engaged, or as the result of a harmony in beliefs and principles, or by virtue of a common possession of some noble knowledge. Next … Continue reading Love of True Passion


Islamic view of a twin flame union

Inspired by the concept of twin flames. I dedicate this amateur writing of mine for the soul that is in all of us, in our deepest essence. 🙂 For some reason, this concept of twin flame caught my attention because somehow I could relate to it. So for those of you who do not know … Continue reading Islamic view of a twin flame union

Sacred Path of Love 2016

Bismillah    Sacred Path of Love is an annual end of year 2 days talk in Singapore organised by Sout Ilaahi. The reason why I want to share this with everyone is because I've seen the genuineness of their events and how it has changed so many people's life including mine. From Muslims to even non-Muslims. … Continue reading Sacred Path of Love 2016

Reliever of anxiety and doubt

Sometimes as a friend we get so used to asking our friends "What's wrong..?" "Come talk to me.." whenever they have a problem. And we'll realize that sometimes the more they speak of their problems the more agitated it can get for them. How comforting it is rather, to someone who doesn't hear much of … Continue reading Reliever of anxiety and doubt

True Love

"To the degree to which man perfects his traits, consummates his knowledge by grasping the true nature of things. in consolidative strength by subduing syaitan, restraining his appetite and purifying himself from vices, to that extent that he draws closer to some perfection. So then, God's love for men lies in his drawing near him and … Continue reading True Love

My experience as a participant myself

In 2014, I went to SPOL as a participant, all alone. It was as if I was walking on this earth all alone. I went to places alone.. I seeked knowledge alone.. I didn't wait for nobody. But what's amazing was that, I was never alone. I may be alone, but everywhere I went, people approached me and talked to … Continue reading My experience as a participant myself

Sacred Path of Love 2015

Alhamdulillah, we're happy to announce that the annual Sacred Path of Love will be back for the 6th year! Mark the dates - 26 & 27 Dec 2015! This spiritual retreat has been unique in its ability to attract people from all walks of lives and changing their lives for the better. We've had participants … Continue reading Sacred Path of Love 2015