Dear zindagi life lessons on freedom

Therapist: please tell your friend that sometimes we choose the tough path only because we feel that to achieve important things we have to take the tough path We feel we need to punish ourselves But why? Why not choose the easy way out? What is so bad about it? Especially when we are unprepared … Continue reading Dear zindagi life lessons on freedom


I am sure

When I decided to put up this blog, I thought I wanted to share my stories with anyone out there who might want to look at problems with both hope and responsibility. Obviously, stating certain taboo things in my about me made me consider greatly whether i wanted to share it on my other personal social medias. Which … Continue reading I am sure

Sometimes I am wrong..

I would like to start with this.. Sometimes I feel like a failure. Because I cannot hold up as good as people does. Sometimes I break. I falter. I fall. Sometimes I'm angry. I grieve. I regress. Sometimes, I have bad days. Sometimes, I make mistakes. Sometimes I'm hurt but I dare not to say … Continue reading Sometimes I am wrong..