In our foolishness at times we question will I find a job as good as this? Will I find like minded people as in line as my goals as this? We fear of taking the risk, we fear losing company. Yet we hold on to something that doesn't work anymore. Every time we say I'm … Continue reading Faqir 


Non-linear thinking and its spirituality

A 'ba' is not a 'dza', a non-linear thinker is not a linear thinker. Here’s a quick quiz I've gotten from a website to determine your thinking style. Imagine yourself facing a challenge. Does column one or column two feel like the best way to proceed? Column One                     … Continue reading Non-linear thinking and its spirituality

The crisis between spirituality and social maladjustment – recommended readings

Shaykh Mendes said, The Prophet salallahu alaihi wasallam learnt from other cultures, if there is wisdom, and we can do this too. We can even learn things from people who are not Muslims. Sayyidina Ali (ra) said, "Even if the wisdom is from people who worship idols, we can still learn from them." Below are … Continue reading The crisis between spirituality and social maladjustment – recommended readings

Purpose of place: finding Allah through life’s mission

Really love the approach of Shaykh Muhammad Adeyinka Mendes when it comes to spirituality. Imbuing spirituality with social issues, which I find personally relatable when it comes to the teaching or therapeutic line like counselling or psychology. It was a privilege to have him here all the way from the US and to remind us … Continue reading Purpose of place: finding Allah through life’s mission

Sincerity after dispossessing

Sometimes when I regress, I do wonder if I need a spiritual path or a professional counselling therapy? Sometimes I asked myself, wasn't Rasulullah salallahu alaihi wasallam's life filled with love and peace between his brethren and his wives? He salallahu alaihi wasallam was a simple man, he is so loving and merciful, his relationships with others were filled with love and … Continue reading Sincerity after dispossessing

Dear zindagi life lessons on freedom

Therapist: please tell your friend that sometimes we choose the tough path only because we feel that to achieve important things we have to take the tough path We feel we need to punish ourselves But why? Why not choose the easy way out? What is so bad about it? Especially when we are unprepared … Continue reading Dear zindagi life lessons on freedom