Were we mere blank slates?

In a tale of human progress and a defence of progress, people learn from their parents and their parents' parents, and who, after trials and tribulations, wind up committed to each other. Unrecognizing that our life is a story of fellowship. Because when you look deeper into the unconscious, the separations between individuals begin to … Continue reading Were we mere blank slates?


Purpose of place: finding Allah through life’s mission

Really love the approach of Shaykh Muhammad Adeyinka Mendes when it comes to spirituality. Imbuing spirituality with social issues, which I find personally relatable when it comes to the teaching or therapeutic line like counselling or psychology. It was a privilege to have him here all the way from the US and to remind us … Continue reading Purpose of place: finding Allah through life’s mission

Wait, You’ve yet to see the truth

I tried following the crowd. I stopped and followed my heart. My heart said it doesn't fit. I blamed myself for being reserved thinking that I was picky. But it really just doesn't fit. I waited for people and they would never respond. I learned how to embark on things myself. Though at times I … Continue reading Wait, You’ve yet to see the truth

I am sure

When I decided to put up this blog, I thought I wanted to share my stories with anyone out there who might want to look at problems with both hope and responsibility. Obviously, stating certain taboo things in my about me made me consider greatly whether i wanted to share it on my other personal social medias. Which … Continue reading I am sure

Sacred Path of Love 2015

Alhamdulillah, we're happy to announce that the annual Sacred Path of Love will be back for the 6th year! Mark the dates - 26 & 27 Dec 2015! This spiritual retreat has been unique in its ability to attract people from all walks of lives and changing their lives for the better. We've had participants … Continue reading Sacred Path of Love 2015