Were we mere blank slates?

In a tale of human progress and a defence of progress, people learn from their parents and their parents' parents, and who, after trials and tribulations, wind up committed to each other. Unrecognizing that our life is a story of fellowship. Because when you look deeper into the unconscious, the separations between individuals begin to … Continue reading Were we mere blank slates?


Sufi – man of current now

4 years to build up, and it took just 1 moment to make it all come crashing down. Self confidence, motivation, independence, direction, purposefulness, social sense of belonging. It's so weird, how everything just disempowers you in a snap of a finger. It feels like I have been working on a project, to build a … Continue reading Sufi – man of current now

Islamic view of a twin flame union

Inspired by the concept of twin flames. I dedicate this amateur writing of mine for the soul that is in all of us, in our deepest essence. 🙂 For some reason, this concept of twin flame caught my attention because somehow I could relate to it. So for those of you who do not know … Continue reading Islamic view of a twin flame union